The Puzzle Logline

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“Winning” is a rousing romantic comedy which explores the fiercely competitive side of a marital relationship during a jigsaw puzzle contest.


After a 5-year hiatus from competitive games, Josh & Jess agree to engage in a competition to determine which of them can complete their half of a jigsaw puzzle first.  History is not on their side as previous attempts have led to separations and marriage counseling. Josh begins the contest even tempered if a little reluctant about the endeavor. Jess, however, expresses anxiety, aggression, and some OCD tendencies.


They set the rules, select the prize and progress smoothly but competitively until the puzzle is almost complete. At that point they realize each is missing their final piece. The search commences and soon evolves into a cutthroat affair. Jess’s killer instinct surfaces immediately but Josh’s soon materializes. Chaos ensues as tempers flare; harsh words are emitted, and they wreak havoc throughout the house and each other’s possessions.


In the last act a very surprising development answers the question of the missing pieces and together both Jess & Josh generate a dramatic and outrageous reaction which should stun viewers everywhere. All ends well when Josh presents a perfect solution to their predicament.